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Wedding Anniversary routine

Last year husband Joost and I introduced a new family ritual to our wedding anniversary: We took pictures of the children in our wedding outfits. On a sunny Sunday morning Boris put on Joost’s white suit. Joost wore the white linen suit during the evening at our wedding-beach-party. I remember that his mom came over for dinner when they had just bought the suit. They discussed what kind of underwear to wear with white and thus slightly see-through pants? When his mom suggested a thong, I nearly choked.

The girls put on my wedding dress. There were a lot of elastic hair bands involved to keep it in place. We took pictures in and around our house and they looked like mini-me’s. They loved it and I loved all the memories it brought back. When we got married it was just Joost and me (okay not completely true as I was six months pregnant with Boris because everyone had told us it would take at least a couple of months before you’re pregnant so we – novices in the world of babies and how long things take etc. – started practicing straight away and ended up ordering a larger size wedding dress) and nine years later we kind of relived the day with the children. We decided to make it a yearly event and every time at different location.Anniversary Rootines

This year we went to the 21c Museum Hotel on a Sunday morning at 7.45am as the children would only do it when there was nobody watching. The staff immediately allowed us to take pictures. They were unaware of the fact that Joost would walk around barefoot because Boris would wear his shoes. I was not aware of it either and it almost spoiled everything because after ten years of marriage certain behaviour can spoil things. We (the staff and I) ignored it and it was the best Sunday morning, ever. I guess it was the sum of the amazing atmosphere of the hotel, the children who totally embraced it and the ‘doing it together with the five of us’ feeling.

Love! Liefde (that’s Dutch for ‘Love’ en phonetically would be something like ‘Leefdu’).

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