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Routines and owning a gym?

This month was my last interview for Peekaboo magazine (as we’re moving back to the Netherlands) and I really wanted it to be special. So I approached Jennifer. Jennifer and her husband Lee are the owners of CrossFit Northwest Arkansas. The gym already had a special place in my heart and that space only got bigger.

When I interview people for Peekaboo it’s always about family rituals and routines. Your routines and rituals say something about you, they provide structure, clarity and happiness. I try not to dive too deep in work related routines, because, work is work and family time is family time. Right?

Well… I already knew that owning a gym is not at all a 9-5 job. But talking with Jennifer made me realize that you can own and operate a gym in different ways. Jennifer and Lee run their gym with heart and soul, the gym is basically their life. So, do they have family routines? Yes they do, but their main focus is the gym and their members. They want their members to be fitter, healthier and happier. They also know that you only go back to the gym when it becomes part of your routine. In order to come back, the gym has to be great. When is a gym great? When the program and coaches are amazing, when there’s time and room to warm up and cool down and when there’s a welcoming community. Jennifer and Lee cater towards their members and that is not only insightful, but is also why it’s such a successful gym that I’m going to miss dearly.

Read the interview with Jennifer here.

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