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Rituals of Life; Meet Bea Apple

It was amazing to interview Bea. She is a successful business woman, an amazing mother and she has an interesting story to share. Her perseverance and view on life are impressive and inspirational. Read the article below, click here or – even better – get your printed copy as this print-screen doesn’t do justice to the amazing way Peekaboo’s owner and editor-in-chief and etc. (another amazing and inspiring woman) designed the page.

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Jennifer’s Kitchen Helpers

Jennifer has four beautiful children. Her twin daughters can be a handful and that’s why Jennifer decided to create a routine for them. Her story shows that daily life is not always easy. Sometimes you have to create a routine in order to turn daily life struggles into a more meaningful experience. Read the story of the kitchen helpers, their love for salad and fun in the garden. And have a look at TheBabyGuyNYC if you have a minute because besides being a mom, Jennifer works on this fabulous business with her brother!

For a more high-res version of the magazine, visit Peekaboo!

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