“All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits.”
William James, 1892

How do you capture beautiful moments and lock in your memories? I’ve always been fascinated with the passing of time. Time seems to go by even faster now that I’m getting older. How do you make the most of now AND make sure you will remember the most important things?

Important moments

Douwe Draaisma, a Dutch psychologist, philosopher and author of the book ‘Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older‘ says that we don’t tend to capture the moments we eventually want to remember. It’s so true.We take pictures of birthdays and – nowadays – tons of selfies of not so relevant activities. Eventually you want to remember the moments that are unique in your life. Douwe Draaisma gives an example: ‘You want to remember that your dad came home every Saturday morning with two big groceries bags. But you never took a picture of it.’


Do I capture the right moments? Sometime ago I mentioned this to my coach. She told me that she started taking pictures of family rituals. Rituals? A family ritual is something you repeatedly do with two or more family members and are often hidden in your daily routines: The bath-book-bed-ritual, your Sunday-morning-in-bed-ritual. It’s so true, those are the things that define you as a family and thus the things you want to remember.


I’ve interviewed a few people about their family ritual and to my surprise, all the stories are different and equally precious. My fascination with these hidden gems in daily routines grew. They sometimes trace back to your childhood and they change over time. There must be many stories out there, stories of families, grandparents and even companies. That’s why I’ve invented the name ‘Rootines’. It broadens the scope of rituals from family rituals to all the moments that go by unnoticed and deserve to be captured. How about the startup ritual of your favorite coffee shop, or the way you choose your clothes in the morning?

Your Rootine

I’d love to hear your Rootine. We’ll capture your story with an interview, a drawing and pictures of this moment you eventually want to remember.




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