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  1. Dear Eve,

    I have just been reading your blog with interest. I’m a mum of three living in Singapore. We have three kids 4, 3 and 1. My husband is a Dutch and I’m a Brit. I love art, cooking and the great outdoors. I’m taking part in Blogher’s July NaBloPoMo campaign which is all about connections. To do so I have undertaken to make a new connection each day for a month with someone new or an existing friend/family member and blog about it. I wondered if you would mind being my first connection? No big commitment your end.. Just sharing a story, idea, a fact…anything really. Given my blog is about food I wondered if I could share a recipe with you…something from my repertoire? Do you cook? If so do you like malay/ Indonesian food? I have a great chicken curry recipe if you would like it. I can pop the link on my blog in my post, or email you. Whatever is preferable. If you don’t cook maybe we can make you a picture from Singapore?…

    Hope I don’t come across as a complete fruit cake and you don’t mind me getting in touch. Hope to hear back when you have a mo.

    Best wishes, Elaine

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Happy to help!
      Am I understanding correctly that you want to share a recipe with me and blog about that?
      Or do you want me to cook the food and blog about that?

      I don’t think you’re a fruit cake, although I like the idea of thinking someone is a fruit cake. Must be something British :))

      Anyway, please fill me in and I’m happy to help (on vacation for another week though, so pardon me if I don’t respond in a timely manner)


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