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Rozijntje (Raisin)

Het badritueel, elke dag weer. Machteld’s oudste dochter vindt het heerlijk! Het liefst zou ze uren badderen. Maar ja, dat kan natuurlijk niet, dan kom je eruit als een rozijntje.

We gaan het om de week doen; dichten en tekenen. Ronald hielp ons met het lettertype en daar zijn we heel blij mee!
Klik op het beeld voor een grotere versie.

Eva_Machteld Rozijntje..


The bath ritual…
Machteld and I started a new project. Machteld writes a poem and I make a drawing based on her text. Or well, actually we talk about it, which is also not true because we text about it. It’s a fun process and we decided to do every other week. Ronald helped us out with the font, we love it!

This time inspiration comes from Machteld’s eldest daughter. She likes to bath and would love to stay in it forever. Her mom tells her that she can’t, because she would get all wrinkled, just like a raisin. Why isn’t she her grandmother, she wonders. Her grandmother has plenty of wrinkles and can stay in the bath as long as she likes! )

The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is a tradition in the USA. It became a tradition only a few years ago when clever marketing people wrote a book about Santa’s little helpers. I had never heard of it and thus wrote a blog – in Dutch – explaining the phenomenon. I love traditions and I love the fact that parents put an effort in hiding the elf and thinking of stories to incorporate the elf in.

To elf or not to elf

I am not very enthusiastic about the spy activities of the Elf though. It makes the Elf a bit creepy. It’s a bit of a scary thing anyway, always smiling and having no feet whatsoever etc. Question is, do we buy one? My children want one, the idea of hiding it in different places is nice. Maybe this could be our new American ritual? To Elf or not to Elf, that’s the question.

(The answer is yes and no. Yes we bought one and we will keep it boxed for another year. It would be rather strange for the Elf to show up two days before Christmas. So, we’re postponing the answer). 

Nuts Elf merged

I call it a leaf day

Boris was making a pile of leaves outside (in an attempt to make money) and I was trying to get some work done.
Boris got bored and I couldn’t blame him; working in the garden on your own is not so much fun.

I decided I could work later and we made this huge pile of leaves together.

He jumped in
We build it again
I jumped over (being afraid of bugs and stuff)
We build it again anyway
There was sun, there were leaves and there were little sisters rolling over

The other day Bobbie had to write down what she was grateful for at school. ‘Jumping in a pile of leaves’, she had written down. We all laughed. She’s is right though. Jumping in a pile of leaves is the best.

We decided to do it every year. I call it a leaf day.



The sea gives me peace of mind

photo1-15I’m Scot (with one t). I live in Alabama, but I come here as often as I can. Panama Beach has one of the best beaches in the world and I have seen a few beaches in my life. I’ve traveled the world with my parents. My dad was an Officer in the Airforce and a Professor of History. I remember Europe clearly, especially Poland, beautiful.

My parents bought a beach house here in Panama in the 70ties. I took care of them when they got older and they left me the house. When I’m here I spend my evenings preferably like this. I read and my thoughts just drift away. The sea gives me peace of mind.

The beach is at its best when you get here early in the morning, before everyone else. It’s even prettier after a night of rain. Setting foot on sand that hasn’t been touched yet, feels like you’re all alone on the world. That feeling is magical.

Drinks in a Princess Dress


Machteld. Hans, Wisse & Mathilde & 3,5 months pregnant

Ages: 35, 37, 5 & 3
Interview: Machteld Postma
Ritual: Drinks & bites

Creative chaos

My childhood was full of chaos with lots of room for creativity. We celebrated ‘Carnaval’annually. I sometimes was jealous of girls wearing new princess dresses, whereas we always used the same dress-up box. Looking back though I most of all remember that I thoroughly enjoyed our dress-up process. We completely emptied the box and always found what we needed. We had a chaotic household. I don’t mean my parents didn’t provide structure. My mom was always there when my sisters and I came home from school. We drank tea, ate cookies and we chit-chatted. It was a secure and safe haven

Drinks and bites

Hans and I share a great love for good food and drinks. We especially enjoy having a drink before dinner. We prefer to do it as often as possible, but at a minimum during weekends and we mostly kick-off on Thursday. Ever since the kids have been old enough, they have joined us. We toast to the end of the day, admire their drawings and cuddle. The kids drink juice and each gets a bowl with things like crisps, tomatoes and olives. Hans and I drink Jenever that we pour in those tiny glasses. We started drinking it when my sisters held an art exposition the Dutch city of Jenever, Schiedam.


We all sit on the big couch, unless the children watch television. In that case Wisse and Mathilde sit on their own little chairs. We have a little Ikea chair and a toddler chair and sometimes they just ‘hang’ on the feeding pillow. We never sit further than two meters apart from each other. Even if the kids have their backs to us while watching television, there’s a strong connection. We truly are together at these moments.

Sharing drinks & bites

In summertime we often have a drink in front of the house. The neighbors sometimes join us. I enjoy that and especially the little kiddies bikes that lie around everywhere. Now and then we have drinks at the neighbours but I’d rather have them over at our place. I’m quite attached to my own snacks and bites. Every Thursday my sister babysits and she joins for drinks as well. It goes without saying. We used to do it when we were young, I remember my mum taking care of the snacks and my dad arranging the drinks. They prepared a feast, enjoying good food and drink has always been part of spending time together.

Living in the present

This ‘Bourgondic Lifestyle’ is important to us. One of us will start the ritual. ‘Will we have a drink now?’ the kids often ask. We spend this these moments together and I always look forward to it. Maybe it’s because I’m so at ease that I literally live in the moment and let go of everything else. We celebrate being together, everything else is insignificant.

Collage Machteld