Meet me

I’m Eva, I used to study law, worked for the government, loved my job and THEN – when the newest child was only three weeks old – we heard of this amazing opportunity to move abroad. Off we went! I discovered – it took a while, ask husband Joost – that writing and drawing makes me happy. That’s why I’m writing blogs, articles & interviews for different websites & magazines. I’m a good listener, think in concepts, love social media & I’m eager to learn.


In 2014 I started Rootines. A website about daily routines and rituals. I developed a fascination for those supposedly ‘normal’ things that make such sweet memories. Find more on .

Business woman?

Cowgirlzzz is the South African business in baby sleepsacks I started with good friend and business partner – Anne in 2012. Everything we do is 100% South African.  We truly believe that you cán produce beautiful things locally. I’m so happy to be part of this venture. Find us on for business options, orders and ideas. We embrace new ideas and we love to chat with you!

Family matters 

Since 2011 we are travelling the world with the five of us: One husband – in blogs often referred to as ‘man J.’ – two girls, one big boy and me. We live far away from family and friends. Especially that is sometimes hard, but we do enjoy the adventure. In the beginning of 2014 we set foot on American (Arkansas) soil.


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